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Connecting to Laser Tracker / Robot

1) Laser Tracker [LaserTrackerConnection.png]
I have difficulty connecting to the Faro laser tracker. I am using Faro Vantage Laser tracker. I think I got the correct IP address [I checked it by ipconfig command] and I am also able to ping successfully. I have tried wired/wireless connection with every possible IP addresses and the serial number. But when I click the Connect button, I always get this message: "Laser tracker not connected". I also shared the log information. Could anyone give me advice on how to connect the laser tracker?

2) Robot Connection [RobotConnection(Success/Failed).png]
I have difficulty connecting to the Meca500 robot as well. I have tried  I am able to connect it as seen the first image below. But whenever I try running a program, the status is changed to "Not connected" as seen the second image below. It would be really appreciated if you can give me some advice for connecting the robot as well.

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Regarding the laser tracker connection: The laser tracker log you shared is helpful. Did you follow these instructions when installing?

  1. Take the Faro laser tracker drivers from this folder:
  2. Right click the file
  3. Select Unblock
  4. Unzip the contents in:
Since some recent Windows changes, it would be a good idea to unblock the zip file before unzipping.

We need more information regarding the robot connection:
  1. What version are you using?
  2. Could you provide a print screen of the robot connection log as well? Simply select Show Log in the robot connection panel.
Hi @Albert, I would like to download the Faro api but when I click on the link it ask me a Username + password. Where can i find it ?
Thanks in advance
Please contact us at and we'll provide you with the credentials.

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