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Connection between KUKA KRC2 controller and RoboDK not working

Hello guys,

I'm a beginner in working with RoboDK, I've followed all the steps provided in the documentation on how to pair the kuka controller with the RoboDK but still didn't get the connection between the two yet.
The steps I've completed are the following:
- Downloaded the KUKAVARPROXY 9.0.0 on the robot PC and made the Startup configuration
- Transferred in the C:\Windows\system 32 folder  the following files :
        - Cross2_29.dll
        - Cross3Krc.CIE
        - Cross.oca
        - Cross.ocx
        - CrossCommEXE.exe
        - CSWSK32.oca
        - ocswsk32.ocx
        -WBF_Time.dll ( !! I didn't transfer this file because everytime I did it the KSS didn't start. Soo I had to delete it)
- Got the src file ROBODKSYNC35 on the controller
- Disabled the the firewall on the robot controller
- I've installed from the command line Cross.ocx and CSWSK32.ocx registers in the system 32 folder
- I've connected the ethernet cable on the Siemens CP1616 PROFINET card in the robot controller
- Changed the IP address of the robot to and changed my computer address to
- Added the global variables in the config.dat folder 
- Performed a cold boot on the robot

I also tried to connect it to the robot PC but the robot PC has the following IP address  and I know its not indicated to change it because with that address is needed in order to communicate with the smartPAD.

Where I should connect the ethernet cable? 
I will attach some pictures, I hope they will help you to get a better understanding of the situation.

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Look like the problem was the ethernet PORT. You have to connect the ethernet cable to the controller PC directly not to the CP1616 profinet card since the server is running on the PC. After that use a ipconfig to check on what PORT is the connection made and change the IP address of that network connection to be in the same class with your PC.
After that the program received the robot position and I was able to move the robot from RoboDK.

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