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Connection issue with URsim

I have an inquiry from our customer there is a problem in connection of RoboDK and URsim.
After clicking “connect” on "Connect to Robot" screen, "waiting" message is continuing being displayed, not
Simulation environment is as follows;
・RoboDK version: Ver5.00, Ver4.2.4
・Virtual Linux environment: VMware Workstation Player 15
・Windows version: Wimdows10
・Robot software version: UR
-IP address (guest):
IP address (host):
(VMWARE's network is NAT setting)
Does someone have idea to solve this situation in settings and necessary measures?

That customer is me. I'll say what I tried.

・"Ping" is OK.
・"" is OK. The Robot moved same motion, between RoboDK and URsim.
・"Send program(s) to robot" is OK. The Robot in URsim moved along RoboDK's program. Post Processor is "Universal Robot".
・I checked packet by wireshark. When I pushed "connect button", RoboDK doesn't send any packets. (or packet may had blocked by firewalls.) When I pushed "ping button", I can see RoboDK sends some packets.

I wondering what difference in success and not. Firewall blocks only "connect button"? Why?
I believe the main issue is the firewall blocking communications. When you connect to a UR robot, your PC needs to establish a TCP/IP server.

I woud recommend you to run RoboDK as administrator and disable your firewall to see if you can make it work.

Also, can you try changing the port? For example, use 20100 instead of 30000.

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