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Connection to Matlab

 I get this error sometimes:

Error using Robolink/Connect (line 264)
application path is not correct or could not start:

Error in Robolink (line 206)

Error in test (line 13)
RL = Robolink;

How to fix it?
This problem appears for RoboDK's Matlab API if RoboDK is not running or it is not installed in the default path "C:/RoboDK/".
You can either start RoboDK manually, then run your Matlab file.

You can also update the RoboDK path in the Robolink.m file to automatically start RoboDK if it is not running:

 line14 -->   APPLICATION_DIR = 'C:\RoboDK\bin\RoboDK.exe'; % path to RoboDK's executable

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