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Controlling Elbow Angles

I am doing a sanding program and i am trying to make it one continuous path without lifting and re-engaging but i need to change the elbow angle on one side of the toolpath to prevent a collision at the robot. I have changed the elbow to a different angle at the start of the toolpath but it still turns when it is getting to that part of the path. Attached is the right side picture with the elbow turned correctly to prevent the sanders air connection to hit the base of the table, the left side picture shows the elbow turned so that the sander air connection is pointing down which will hit the base of the table

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There're a few things you could try but I don't know which one would work without the station.

- You can play with the start point position along the curve.
- Change the starting configuration in the Curve Follow Project (CFP)
- Change the optimization parameters in the CFP
- Use a different algorithm in the CFP (minimum tool orientation vs tool orientation follows path)
- Limit the robot joints to avoid this rotation
- Figure out why this rotation occurs, is there a singularity (I feel like it's the case as Singularities for cobots are at J5 = 0 or 180) or joint limit.

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