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Convert a main program to a python script


Hello, i wanted to know how i can convert a main program into a python script which is executable by RoboDK to be able to modify it after, i tried with post processor with some post processor (kuka krc2) i could generate a python script but when i'm trying to emport the script and run it on RoboDk,the script doesn't work

Thank you for your help
Hi wcherif,

I'm not 100% sure that I understand what is your end goal here, but here's something you could be interested in.
Any time you generate a program using RDK, it will first create a .py version of the program in your Temp folder (reach it quickly by typing %Temp% in your file explorer).
It will be named "".

It includes the Python format of every robot commands in the generated program.
You can then just open it and grab the right snippet of code.


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