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Conveyor Tracking

So, I'm trying to measure the feasibility of a simulation, and since I didn't find an example like this, I will ask.

There is a way to simulate a conveyor tracking inside RoboDK?

I'm assuming there should be a way to achieve this with some Python black magic, but I'm wondering if there is some trick to facilitate the process.

The idea is that robot will drop a part on a jig, that is mounted over a moving conveyor, and since conveyor will not stop, the robot must down to drop the part synchronized with the jig movement.
Hi massula,

There is a trick to simulate the pick and place on a moving conveyor without the use of python.

You can place the target inside a referential in the moving mechanism and add a offset to deal with the refresh rate.
You might need to adjust the offset, depending on the speed of the conveyor & simulation to make it look accurate.

If you want the object on the conveyor to be on a very precise spot, you can hide the object you just placed & show an object that was already on the conveyor when you drop it.

I hope this help,

Nice to know, Olivier.

I will check this in the next days


.rdk   follow_conveyor_concept.rdk (Size: 283.73 KB / Downloads: 599)

Hi massula,

here is a small example concept on how it would work.
Thanks, Olivier!

I opened the simulation here and it is exactly what I need.
Nice job @Olivier.
Hi Everyone! How can i make something same but with painting part on conveyor?
Do you mean a curve follow project on a moving conveyor?

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