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Corect path tool

Hi to everyone!

In RoboDK, I can change the position tool, but when I generate the code, the position doesn't change.
What I do wrong?

Thanks in advance 

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Hi serg,

This is normal.
Changing the TCP values shouldn't change the positions since they are relative to the path and not the robot TCP.

The new TCP is updated to your program and the robot move to these positions in relation to the new TCP.

Please tell me how I can change the path of the robot as roboDK generates a path with a collision. 
I change the angle axis A and everything works, but when I generate the program, the axis does not change.
Thank you

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Hi serg, 

Right click on the curve follow project (the drill icon just over your program) and open its "Options" menu. 
In the Path to tool offset, you can change rotz() value to change the orientation of the tool following the path.

You can also activate "Show prefered tool path" to see the virtual orientation of the tool or "Show estimated tool path" to see the estimated path.


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Thank you very much!

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