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Correcting the geometry of the robot

Hi to everyone!

In RoboDK, I create new robot, all work good, but pneumatic cylinder move with 2 axis. How I can fix it

Thanks in advance 

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Hi serg_kub,

We currently dont support the creation of new robots that use a counterweight cylinder as it require a more complicated kinematic.
Is this a model we dont have in the library?

Yes, we don`t have this model. This is KR360-L240-2
Personally I'd just delete it out the model, or perhaps fix it to axis 1 model if you really want it

Powermill robot does have stuff like counterbalance simulated, but the computational overheads are horrific, and rdk can do things in a fraction of the time, and I'd much prefer to have a fast simulation than eye candy graphics, that take 3 times longer
We do have the counterbalance for some robot in our library, but you can't add it yourself via the "Model mechanism or robot" feature.

As Colin pointed out, it just for the eyes, apart from that, it has no effect on the simulation or generated program.

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Yes, I understand that. Thank you very much

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