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Could I invert the X, Y location of the UR base of my station?


 I am working with a UR10 robot and I want to match the coordinates of the station space to the ones of the real robot.

 According to the attached screenshot, in the real UR10 robot station the target 3 [X, Y, Z] =[ -810.300000,   148.380000,  -260.020000 ] is in the place of the target 2 [X, Y, Z] = [  810.300000,  -148.380000,  -260.020000 ] of the RoboDK's station but the Home Position of both of them is the same.

 I tried to rotate 180 degrees the UR Base but the home position is changing as also the movements of the joints.

 Could I invert the X and the Y values without rotating the robot's base?


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Yes, you can, you can rotate the base frame in the robot parameters (robot panel -> Parameters).
But it doesn't make sense to do so.
Are you sure the target you are referring to was reached with respect to the robot base and not with respect to another frame?
Flipping the X and Y would be the last thing I do.
Maybe the home position of the robot was modified?

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