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Create IO movements of Mitsubishi robot arm

I am using a Mitsubishi RV-7FRL model.

I'm currently creating a movement that creates several input/output patterns and runs a 4-bit IO at the same time.
My program is shown in the attached image.

When this program is run, only the last '11' pin takes an exact value, and the other three pins do not output signals.
Is it not possible for robodk to output 4-bit IO at the same time as a specification?

I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this issue.

※The version update of Robodk used is the newest.

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can you attach your RoboDK station?
(01-06-2023, 03:54 AM)Alex Wrote: can you attach your RoboDK station?

Yes, Is this correct for RoboDK station?

I use the program name 'IO_testP5'.

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.rdk   基礎_縫製 - guideR - 230106.rdk (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 203)

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