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Create robot path from Catia V5


I know that RoboDK developed add-in to generate paths from other software like Fusion 360, but I was wondering if there is a way to do it with Catia V5? I need the robot to follow a complex path, do you have any experience with Catia doing this ? even if the file exported is not in the right format, I could develop a program to correct it and make it compatible with RoboDk.

Best regards
We unfortunately don't have any experience doing this with Catia.
But I can explain you what we did with other CAD software in the past.

Let's start backward with what RoboDK needs.
The input data you need to provide RoboDK is a list of points (XYZ) and the normals (unit vector ijk).
You can test that out using Excel.
Take a look at this video for more info:

Knowing that we take the CAD software API (or SDK) and we figure out a way to select a line/edge of a 3D model, split it into small pieces (points) and extract the position of the points.
The next step is to select one (or multiple, but let's stick to one for now) surface. For each point, the goal is to extract the normal vector of the surface at each point to fill the ijk component.

Let me know if this general concept makes sense to you, if so, we can discuss further more the details.

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