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Creating a new 6-axis Robot model, but the rotation is off

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a custom robot and having some issues with getting the movement right.

I've imported the arm components as STLs and everything lines up correctly on import, but when I try to move things they are WAY off.

I have a feeling that it's because each joint has same reference point as the base.

Is there a specific way of setting up the joints for import?

I've got a Motoman HP6 arm and have had to export the joint parts from MotoSim individually. I think something has been lost in translation.

any advice much appreciated.


Hi Rongomai,

I'm pretty sure we can help you on this one.
Can you post a few screen shot of the situation and your RDK file so that we can point you towards the solution.

Have a great day.
Awesome. thanks!

attached is a screen grab and my RDK file.

I am assuming that I would be able to update the joint reference points in the parameters window, but can't open it as I only have the trial version. Is that correct?

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.rdk   hp6Temp.rdk (Size: 803.68 KB / Downloads: 683)

Your problem is simple, the values that you entered for d1 and some other parameters are not correct. 
See picture below for d1. 


The distance d1 is not calculated from the physical bottom of the robot, but rather from the base reference frame. In the case of your 3D model, this reference frame is equal to the origin of your STEP file. 
For example, the d1 value seems to be 0.000 mm. 

I believe you also need to correct a4 and d6. 

Have a great day. 
Awesome. Thanks! It's fixed now.

Also had to change the angle on B because my model had a bend at the end.

Will have a go and see if I can make a program. :)

if you want the file to add to the library let me know.

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