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Creating curves on a bent tube


I am trying to create curves on a bent tube so that I can have the robot polish the inside and outside of the bends.  The CAD package I am using PTC Creo 7 is not supported by RoboDK.  I tried adding sketch lines into the model, but they do not get interpreted when the are exported to STEP

What is the best way to create curves in the direction of the bend along the surface.  I have tried most of the CAD options in the options menu with little success.  The best I can do is create a curve where to surfaces meet.

I have attached a STEP file of the example.

.stp   rdk_tube.stp (Size: 152.45 KB / Downloads: 302)

Hi Tigon,

We, unfortunately, don't support Creo for now.
But there are a few things you can try.

I never used Creo myself, but I manage to run that process with other CAD packages.
Try exporting the part with the path you described as an Iges instead of a Step.
In the export settings, there might be a way to "Save lines/sketches as part of the 3D model" or something like that.

In RDK, go to "Tools"->"Options"->"CAD" and make sure that "Import all curves and points" and "Import curve and point normals accurately" are activated before importing the IGES file.

I can't guarantee it will work, but it's worth a try.

The other option you have is to slightly modify the 3D model to create edges where you want to robot path to be. This way you can use the "Tools"->"Create curve" feature from RoboDK.

The last option, and the best if you own a CAM package, is to create an NC file with the path and import it to RoboDK. See "Robot machining" in the documentation.

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