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Creating custom Extrude program for 3d printing
I am setting up robot 3d printing, but my extruder is controlled over telnet as opposed to analog or digital outputs of the Kuka KR10 R1100 Agilus sixx that I am working with.

Basically, if the 3d printing project calls Extrude(5) I need to send some G-Code to my extruder via telnet that contains the E step amount being requested.

How should I start writing code to do this? Should it be in the postprocessor, or as a separate program in the project? Is there any Python function or library you recommend? Thank you so much!
Hi smorr057,

Just to make sure, your Telnet communication will take place between your robot controller and your extruder controller?
If it's the case, my best guest would be to modify your post processor.

Modify it so that it generates a line of code in your robot program that sends the message via Telnet at a specific moment.

Have a good day.
My original workflow was to have the computer running RoboDK send the telnet commands to the extruder controller when Extrude() is being called. It does seem like it would be more straightforward to have the robot controller send the telnet commands, so I will look into that option. Thanks!
You would also reduce your risk of failure. For example, lost communication between your RDK PC and the rest of your setup during your print.
And I believe that your hand shake will be easier to put in place just between your robot controller and your extruder controller compared to having a third player (RDK PC) the deal with.


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