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Creation of kuka youBot fails

Hello guys
I hope you can help me with my problem. I try to simulate the Kuka youBot and as this robot is not provided by the library I need to create the robot with these files (bottom of the page). My problem now is that now all of my joints are behaving like they should because the turning axis (z-axis) are not correctly defined. 

In picture "original.png" you can see the frame of joint 4 of the robot as I created out of *.dae files (before using the menu point "Create/modify own robot"). Here the turning axis is correct.

In the picture "robot.png" you can see how the robot looks like after creating it ( you can see the frame for joint 4 in the picture) .

My configuration looks like the one in the picture "config.png"

I should mention that the youBot is a 5 axes robot and I just decided to use the 6 axes industrial robot template and don't define a sixth joint. Is this even legit to do that or am I at the wrong way?

If someone could help me I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello awied,

This robot configuration require that the axis 4 is lock in place instead of the axis 6. You can download the robot in the attachment file.


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.robot   KUKA-youBot.robot (Size: 595.81 KB / Downloads: 387)

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