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Curve Follow Project (Blend Radius)

I'm having difficulties with the Curve Follow Project.

My project is to have the cutting Tool on the end of 6-axis robot follow a path that I've taken of 3D shapes. The issue I'm having is that when I uploaded the program to the physical Robot, it gave an error msg saying the blend radius was too big (hadn't touched the smooth function yet atp), but if I decrease the blend radius the curves/arcs are not smooth instead they're clearly a bunch of straight lines (looks kind of jerky). 
I was thinking maybe if the model that I import had more points defining the curve then the blend radius could be smaller while still creating the curve affect (looking smooth).

I will attach some files to show what I've done so far. 
The reason I've got lots of small paths is because I will need to retract the blade into the tool when there's a corner and the tool turns. Have also experimented creating the shapes in different CAD programs and using different methods (like splines instead of arcs). 

Any advice would be appreciated as I really can't seem to get any further with this at the moment.


Attached Files
.rdk   Attempt 3 A0509 + test_shapeAxe.rdk (Size: 1.18 MB / Downloads: 147)
.rdk   Attempt 4 A0509 + test_shape1.rdk (Size: 690.27 KB / Downloads: 158)
.rdk   Attempt 5 A0509 + test_shapeSpline.rdk (Size: 744.37 KB / Downloads: 136)
We were not aware Doosan robots were not accepting large blending values. We'll add a filter to constrain blending radius to less than half of the length of the movement.

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