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Curve Follow and Return

We are using the SolidWorks plugin to generate a complex curve-follow program where certain portions of the curve should be repeated.  Is there any capability currently available to accomplish this?

Brief Example: 

Existing Curve Follow: (0,0,0) -> (0,100,0) -> (10,100,0) -> (10,0,0) ... continue curve follow
Desired Curve Follow: (0,0,0) -> (0,100,0) -> (0,0,0) -> (10,0,0) ... continue curve follow
When you select a curve from a CAD plugin (such as SolidWorks) RoboDK automatically selects the order and orientation based on how close each curve is with respect to the previous one.

You could reselect the curve manually in RoboDK in the order you need or you can customize the selection using the API.

If you can share your RoboDK project we can better give you hints on how to improve automatic curve selection for your robot programs.

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