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Curve Program With X,Y,Z approach and Tool Orientation Follows Path

Hello RoboDK,

I have recently been testing with a curve follow project using the [X,Y,Z] Rel. approach type but found some concerns with the robot tool orientation when the "Tool Orientation Follows Path" option is used. When using a "Normal" approach option, the robot will keep a consistent tool orientation along the curve path and ignore the orientation of the approach. By contrast, the [X,Y,Z] Rel. option takes the approach into consideration for the tool orientation following the path which leads to the robot drastically changing its tool orientation between the approach and the curve.

For our setup we require the "Tool Orientation Follows Path" option so is there any way to use the [X,Y,Z] Rel. approach and have the robot ignore the orientation like with "Normal" approach?

The attached images show a comparison between the tool orientation for the same program but done with a Normal approach in one and a Rel approach in the other.

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I'm not sure if this has an easy fix. Can you share your RoboDK project file? We can better take a look.
Hey Albert,

Please find attached the station in use (TestStation not MasterModel. For some reason I was unable to remove the MasterModel file from the post. Instead of removing, it published the post). The program(s) are in the Action5236 Folder. I have made a copy of the project settings such that if you generate the first one it will use a Normal approach while the second will be the XYZ. Ideally I would like to get to the third project settings in which multiple XYZ rel positions are used.

Attached Files
.rdk   MasterModel.rdk (Size: 4.62 MB / Downloads: 186)
.rdk   TestStation.rdk (Size: 4.62 MB / Downloads: 140)
Hey Albert,

Just following up. Any feedback on this?
It is currently not possible to isolate the approach the way you require. I would recommend using an arc approach instead.

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