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Curve follow project generate points for robot program at set distance


 I have a curve follow project. How can I generate points for my robot program in the same distance (let's say 2 mm apart from each other) along the robot path?

Best regards


Edit: I should have searched for longer --> the answer can be found in this thread:
Hi Marek,

I would also add that we now have a feature that will set a specific distance between points for straight lines. (The solution you found only affects curves.)

Right-click a curve -> Split Curve -> Set point spacing

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Hello Jeremy,

In my project I need to follow a curve and do measurements every 2mm.
I found this post and now I am able to generate points with a specific distance out of a curve. But I am unable to select this points in a points follow project. Is there any function or shortcut to select them? I also tried to import the curve and enable the option Program events->On point .
Maybe run the program Path1 to see the path.

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