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Curve following project-speed control.

I've created CFP and have few questions:
  • We need very stable constant speed during the movement, however there are a lot of MoveL sessions.How can we make sure no speed change between points?I've selected MoveP processor, nothing changed.
  • There are 2 sessions at the beginning and the end of the program with few points and speed different from the main block, what are those points? why their speed is defined as 1000m/c?
  • I'm not able to generate Python output to be used as a stand alone . Could you please help on this?

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.rdk   final scan short hor diag.rdk (Size: 3.08 MB / Downloads: 331)
Hi Malibor, 

In the CFP, select "Program Events"

Increase the rounding value for a smoother movement.
Change the "Fast move speed" set the speed of the approach and retract movements. 


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