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Curve position modification not updated when generating program

I imported a curve in RoboDK and followed it thanks to the "Curve Following Project" function.
I generated a Kuka program with the KUKA KRC4
.rdk   QuestionForum.rdk (Size: 516.15 KB / Downloads: 168) DAT post processor, and played it on the real robot.
While playing it, I saw that it would be better to change a little the curve position.
I changed the curve pose in RoboDK, updated the "Curve Following Project" and simulated it. All was OK.

The problem comes when I generate the Kuka program a new time : the curve coordonates remains the same as in the first generated program ...
The coordonates are not in Frame 5 as expected but seems to be always in another Frame I don't succed to identify.
I tried a lot of things during a long time, but no way, the generated .dat file remains always the same as the first generated program whatever the curve pose is. The simulation updates correctly, but not the generated program.
Maybe it is not a bug. In this case it means that I missed something and I would appreciate your help.

I attached the my bugged RoboDK file. Could you please help me with this ?

Thanks in advance.
Can you attach your .rdk station please.
This would help us help you.

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In fact I placed the station unintentionally in the text, at the fourth line, between KRC4 and DAT...
It seems that the generated program always gives the coordinates in the part frame, no ?
While I am interested in having the coordinates in one of the robot frame, Frame5 here.

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