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Custom Hexapod Help

Good day,

We had made our own hexapod motion table and are trying to use RoboDK as a solution for control.
When looking into the "model mechanism" option, I found no viable solution to our problem.

I discovered 4 premade hexapod robots in the RoboDk robot library, but they do not match our dimensions. I had tried to simply modify the kinematics of the per-existing robots to match ours (accepting an unclean graphical presentation), and even with that, the restraints on the kinematic parameters do not allow me to obtain our dimensions required positionally (e.g. numerical limitations of the range -9999.999 thru 9999.999 does not reach outboard enough).

We designed it in Fusion360, and have a functional fabricated product. We are currently controlling it manually, but would like to have pre-programmed move-sets we could playback and time with our motion control camera robot.

How can we program our custom hexapod machine into RoboDK?

Thank you.

- Peter
It is not possible to model new hexapods using the user interface. 

We would need to model your hexapod for you. If you have a professional license you can contact us via Help-Request support and we can help you better.
I see. We do have a professional license, and I have submitted a help-request through the RoboDK software. Thank you.

I am curious though, about how to model hexapods. I would love to learn how to on my own, eventually.
Is there any material you could recommend that would be good to study, aside from common mechanical engineering academics?
I was unable to find your request. Did you use the same email you used to login in the forum?

We can better discuss by email about how you can simulate and program hexapods.
It seems that I did not. Is there a way to message you the email information privately?
I will also try again with this profile's email.
I'm sorry for the delays. I just found your email and got back to you.

Let's better continue this conversation by email.

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