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Custom SCARA Mechanism(s)

Hello All:

I am making several different robot designs that are most like a SCARA; however, the axes are different from a classic SCARA.  

I looked at several examples from the Online Library:

1) The Dobot M1, for example, has d1 closest to the base and then three rotational axis labeled theta 2,3 and 4.  If I had the individual parts for this robot could I import them with the Model Mechanism or Robot interface?

2) The Kuka KR5 scara is just like the Model Mechanism or Robot interface with theta 1,2, d3 and theta 4.  So, that works just fine.

Question 1: Is the intent that the Model Mechanism or Robot interface works for all common styles of robots?  Am I missing something on the configuration?  I did simply use d3 from the interface but that did not result in the behavior I wanted.  

After that, I tried just combining simple robots but that is quite a pain.  For example, I made a 1-axis rotational robot and combined that with a 1-axis translational robot.  That did begin to work but, again, that is a bit of a pain and I plan on iterating quite a few times with different designs.

Question 2: Do you have any tips on using that process quickly?  I was wondering if the python API could be used to arrange all of the parent/child relationship and transforms.  

Another approach I took was to try to see what the configuration is for Dobot M1 but those are hidden from view, which brings up another question.  

Question 3: How are the robots in the Online Library "packaged"?  If I wanted to develop a robot and have it as part of the Online Library, how do I do that? Can you let me know more about the process?



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