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Custom conveyor transporting multiple items


I'm a new user, so this question might be a silly one, I have to simulate a conveyor that has more than one item on it. Is there a way to create this conveyor using only the Mechanism option ? Please note that the conveyor have to be a custom one and programming it using python is(for the moment) out of question because I'm kinda new to programming.
I've attached the layout of the cell in order to understand the situation better.

Thanks for help,

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Hi Razvan,

If you go to your local library (blue folder, top left of your screen), you will find a bunch of good examples.
If you take the "Example 02-2 - Pick and place with laser sensor.rdk" you will find a good example on how to use a mechanism as a conveyor belt.

Start by taking a good look at this.
If you still have questions after that, feel free to ask.

Have a great day.

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