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Cycle time difference between when simulated in RoboDK and when exported

Hello RoboDK team,

I was asked about cycle time difference from our customer.
He exported a program via HTML and found the difference the cycle time was different on the browser from when simulated on RoboDK.

I understand the cycle time on RoboDK is estimate, but what is the factor to make it change? 

Best Regards,
Hiore Ota
Hi Hiroe,

If you change the simulation speed after you start recording the simulation, the estimated time will vary.
I recommend you to keep the simulation speed constant while you record your simulation. We'll improve this feature to make sure the simulation time is consistent even if you accelerate the simulation while you are recording a simulation.

Dear Albert,

Thank you for your kind advice.
It would be great if this feature would be improved further.

Hiroe Ota

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