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David/HP SLS-3 camera compatibility

My robotics lab has a David SLS-3 structured light scanner with stereo cameras that connect to any PC by USB 3.0, an HDMI DLP projector,  and a USB rotary turntable.

I saw that ROS has some code for working with the previous version, the David SLS-2.

Our scanner has a David SDK with it, which I have not looked into as of yet.

Could this scanner potentially be used in robodk for robot calibration? One of our robots does not have a positionally accurate model, and even if it is not as accurate as a laser tracker it would be a massive improvement.
What's the accuracy and workspace of the scanner?
What robot are you planning to calibrate?
To use it for robot calibration you need to measure the pose of the robot tool with respect to the robot base (or the scanner base). It does not really need to be integrated to accomplish a successful calibration. You would need to fill the measurements table as X,Y,Z,RX,RY,RZ (in mm and radians). You can export/import the measurements as a CSV file to do so.

More information here:

From the datasheet on

Scan size:
60-500 mm
Up to .05% of scan size (up to .05 mm)

It has printable calibration targets you place on an L-shaped stand to calibrate the measurement accuracy.

The scanner is currently mounted on a swivel stand. It has a tripod mount so it can be tripod or table mounted wherever is most convenient. I am planning on calibrating a Kuka KR 10 R1100 Agilus Sixx.

Ultimately, my hope is to be able to use the scanner for semi-automatic or fully automatic calibration and tool center point measurement.

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