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Decoupled but Motion synchronized external rotating axes


For a project I am working on I am looking to implement a rotational external positioner that is synchronized, but with the motion "decoupled" from the main robot. The process I am working on is called filament winding and an example can be seen here: Example Filament Winding

The problem I run in to, is that when I synchronize a rotating external axis, I can specify a joint angle of this axes. The robot TCP will align with this joint angle. This is not the behaviour I need. As can be seen in the video, while the mandrel (rotating tool) is moving, the robot stays in plane.

So I want to end up with: Synchronized systems (as the robot is at a specific target, the rotating mandrel is at a specific angle), but I do not want the motion of the robot tcp directly coupled to this external axes.

I have added a demo cell to this post. Let me know if I need to clarify.

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.rdk   Demo Station.rdk (Size: 1.36 MB / Downloads: 505)
In your case, I recommend you to remove the synchronization between the external axis and the robot and simply use your external axis as a positioner (as an additional mechanism with its own programs to move it where desired). 

You can easily achieve this by triggering a program call at the beginning of each of your programs that will place the external axis at the desired location. Once you generate a program this will remain as a program call that can be implemented on the robot controller. Alternatively, you can also use RoboDK to generate those programs if it involves changing analog or digital outputs to trigger the movement of the external axis to a known location.

I attached an example.


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.rdk   ABB-Glazing-with-turntable.rdk (Size: 4.43 MB / Downloads: 552)
Hi Albert,

thanks for the detailed reply. I get what direction you are thinking. Let me try out if this works for my case (where the positioner is continuously moving together with the robot.)

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