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Defaulting to Staubli Angles when set to Generic

Why do the angles in frame details default to staubli/mechademic when I have my default Euler angles mode in options set to "RX->RY->RZ (Generic)"? 

Also when I use the CSV post processor, the "set reference" outputs in the staubli/mechademic mode, but I want all those values to be in the generic format, how do I change this?
When you have a robot in your project, RoboDK will retrieve robot default Euler settings to display the tool frames and reference frames in the same Euler format used by the robot.

You can change the Euler preference used by a robot by following these steps:
  1. Select Parameters in the robot panel menu.
  2. Check the option Unlock advanced options.
  3. Change the Euler angle type.
You can also customize the CSV post processor to output your desired Euler format. You should simply edit the function pose_2_str and replace the Pose_2_Staubli function by your desired function. You can find more information here:

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