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Denso RC7 Move Joints

I use a Denso VS-068 and an RC7 controller with an active Educational License. I can connect to the controller and display joint movements when I move the robot with the teach pendant.   However, when I attempt to move the robot in auto mode with the motors turned on, I receive a "connection problem" error.   I receive no error on the robot controller.   Hopefully, someone can share some insight into this problem. I appreciate any help you can provide.  I have attached the log view I received. Additionally, This robot works without any issues with the Denso Wincaps III software, and Orin is enabled on the controller.

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I believe that Denso RC7 is partially supported when you use the robot drivers. I recommend you to generate a robot program instead, using the Denso PAC post processor to obtain a .pac file.

If you want to try with the driver on a Denso RC7 controller you may need to change some settings such as the MoveJ or MoveL commands.
Does this mean I won’t be able to use RoboDk to drive or “Run on Robot” ?  Features such as TCP calibration and the live monitoring are what make this software appealing.

What makes the Rc7 vs. Rc8 controller different in the operation side?  I was previously able to use RoboDk when I was operating with an rc8. 

It’s just been disappointing that I’ve previously had great success working with your software with my paid educational license and now that I’ve changed robotic controllers, myself and many others all receive the same errors and there’s no direct answer as to why we get a connection error when we attempt to move the robot through RoboDk.

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The Denso RC7 controller is older than the Denso RC8 controller. I understand that this older controller does not support as many features.

What do you mean by the same errors? Note that what it comes to robot drivers, some controllers have some limitations and not all features are supported equally with all robot controllers. You should not have any issues generating robot programs though. Please note we do our best to support all robot controllers equally. In practice, some robot controllers have more limitations.

Your project looks nice by the way. Let us know if you want us to write a success story on our website.

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