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Denso RC8/VS-087 Set I/O


I am looking to turn on and off an Output IO on my Denso controller to start and stop an extruder controller for 3d printing.  I have the basic logic down but I cannot seem to have RoboDK send the correct command that the Denso Controller wants to see.

I have attached:
How RoboDk post the IO 
How Denso Manual declares IO as Set and Reset.
A test .RDK file  

I am looking to turn on IO 25.  

Additionally, I would also like to set the acceleration to 100%  from RoboDK.  When I adjust these settings in RoboDK it does not post a command with my speed (2.000). Is there something I'm missing?

Thank You,

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.rdk   Denso Station- IO Test.rdk (Size: 17.84 MB / Downloads: 215)

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