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Detach Object from Gripper Problem


I am having trouble detaching an object from my gripper. I have successfully attached it by using an event but when I make another event to detach it and select the tool and object but it does not work. Currently, my robot constantly has the object in hand even when I delete the event.

I also tried to create a short program that only carries the starting position of the robot by creating an event, selecting "Set object position (relative)", then selecting all options for the object by holding down CTRL. When I run the program, nothing seems to happen. 



What I have noticed is that when I attach the object and execute that event in the program, it works but it also changes the location of the object's frame to be the gripper. When I launch an event to detach, it does not put the object's frame back.

Hi Lauren,

You should find the answer to your question in the first video of this playlist:

In the program event, you should select the frame to drop the object and not the object itself.

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