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Detect collisions from the Python API at any time in a curve follow project

Hello! I'm working with "curve follow project" and RDK.Collisions( ) and I have an issue I can't fix nor have I any idea if there's a proper command to use in this case, I'll explain myself: I have 2 robots (FANUC ARC Mate 120iC) in my station and 4 curves to follow in different combinations. I want my code to print whenever these robots collide eachother when running the simulation but RDK.Collisions() only checks for a collision at the moment where It Is written in my code and not at all time. So if there's any collision half-way It won't print the collision warning...

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The Collisions command will check for collisions once. Even if you check for collisions in a loop, intercepting the collision may depend on the simulation speed and it is not reliable.

It is better to use the Update command with the collision ON flag instead:

The Update command has almost the same behavior as selecting F5 (or Ctrl+F5 if you want to detect collisions).

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