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Differences between original Pose in GCODE and Pose imported in RoboDK


I exported a GCODE using Powermill 2021 and I imported it in RoboDK as "Machining Project" with a Kuka robot. The target angles in the RoboDK program are not equal to the original ones, as u can see in the pictures attached.

Original GCODE:

RoboDK imported Movel:

Which is the reason of this difference?

Thank you so much.
Hi Alvaro,

This may or may not be an issue.

First, did you try with other Euler angles formats?
Right now, in RoboDK, you are using Rot[Z,Y',X''] (standard KUKA format), but it doesn't mean the GCode uses the same representation.
Different Euler Angles format can mean that different sets of values represent the same cartesian orientation.

It could also be that the post-processor you selected in PowerMill isn't generating the orientation in a way RoboDK understands.
If you have a post-processor that does generate .apt files, I would recommend you give it a go instead of the standard G-Code.

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What post are you using in Powermill?

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