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Differences in synchronised motion between RoboDk and ABB


I am having a problem with a difference in behavior between my ABB system with a synchronised robot and positioner and the RoboDk simulation of the same.

The problem occurs when I have a synchronised move of the table and head. 

In RoboDK, the head will always turn the shortest angular distance i.e. the direction which is less than 180°, calculated from the start position to the target position in the table reference frame. However, this ignores the movement of the positioner and leads to the head chasing the target as the table rotates.

Whereas, the ABB system takes account of the rotation of the table as well, so will turn the head the other direction (greater than 180° at the start of movement) because this is actually the faster move as the table is counter rotating.

Is there a way of enabling this behavior in RoboDK or do I need to make a script for it?


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It is not possible to enable the same behavior. To solve this issue you should place more points along the path to make sure you specify what direction you want to move to.

Usually, a 180 deg rotation of the tool has a unspecified totation axis and it should trigger issues with the ABB controller (or any other good controller).
Thank you for your reply Albert

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