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Difficulties for optimizing the axes synchronization


I am trying to follow the circular curve contained in the attached file using axis
synchronization, without moving the robot arm, only by turning the table.

However, I can't find good parameters for synchronization: the arm is always gradually going askew.

Does anyone have a solution for "locking” the arm in its starting position while the table is rotating?"

Thank you in advance for your answers.
It is srange because the preview does not correspond to the final trajectory.
Indeed, the preview shows the tool with the same orientation relatively to the curve all along the trajectory, as wished, but the simulated trajectory does not correspond ...

I did not see that I had to add the files I had selected.
So here they are

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rdk   RoboDK_Help.rdk (Size: 525.2 KB / Downloads: 119)
I noticed that if you just rotate joint 2 of the 2-axis robot, there is some wobble in the circular curve. Maybe the tool TCP could stay on the circle without moving if you eliminate the wobble.

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