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Digital Twin with Omron TM robots

I have a question. Can I see the omron tm robot running the program in tmflow, in robodk?
can I use robodk, like a digital twin?
When I put the tm12x into listening mode, I can no longer run the program.
Yes, you can use the RoboDK driver to monitor the robot position. The driver retrieves the joints over the modbus interface which needs to be enabled on the robot side. Once you enable modbus you should be able to connect to the robot at any time, motion commands will fail but it will allow you to do read only operations like retrieving the joints.

Once you've got that working, you can load the script located C:\RoboDK\Library\Macros\ and run it in your station, it will poll the driver a few times a second and update the robot position in RoboDK.

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