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Display Question

    Can anyone tell me why I get this on the screen, a message comes up saying "checking for feasibly" but all the points stay in the display making it hard to see what is going on, is there a way to turn this off. I am making adjustments to my TCP, I am working with a compensating sanding head and trying to get I dialed in to the length that works best for us.
Hi jcforme,

Yeah, I experienced that bug once in the past, it's quite strange.
But I'm pretty sure it's related to the "Auto update" checkbox you can find button left corner of the Curve Follow or Machining Project.
You can change the default settings here "Tools"->"Options"->"CAM".

Thanks Jeremy,
while we are talking about the Auto Update, can you explain to me what that really does? In the machining project, I have the .cl file that I am using and any special events and such, does the Auto Update only apply if something changes with the robot or does it apply to if the .cl file were to change?
The Auto Update will trigger the "Update" of the machining project if you change things like: reference frame position or approach and retract movements.

I personally find it a bit annoying, especially if you have many points in your project.
On my end, it's always deactivated.


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