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Display of path data and verification of the grinding process during grinding


 I have a project to grind in Robodk. How can I display the path data and verification of the grinding process during the grinding process? Could you help me see my project?

1. Is it possible to verify that the knife has been ground to the surface during grinding?
2. Can the tool posture fix the arm posture during the grinding process?
3. When the surface and line are merged into Robodk, they will not be on the same surface.

 At present, I am manually moving the line segment to the surface. Is there any other way to merge the surface and line into the back or fixed position? I don't know how to do it now.

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.rdk   去毛邊模擬.rdk (Size: 5.6 MB / Downloads: 486)
Hi there,

I'm not so sure to understand your questions, event after taking a look at your project.

Are you owning a professional license or are you evaluating our product?

Have a great day.
I already have a license(Educational), and I have a project is grinding in Robodk.
1. I want to know if the simulation of grinding in Robodk can check the grinding data and the grinding situation?
2. Could I fix the robot arm posture during the grinding process?
3. Could I combine grinding surfaces and grinding when I import into Robodk?
Hi there,

1. Grinding data? What kind of data are you talking about, can you give us examples?
2. You can manage the starting configuration of your robot using the curve follow project. At the bottom of the curve follow project settings window you will find this option. The following configuration will be determine by the starting configuration.
3. How did you import the path? Did you use one of our plugin?

Have a great day.

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