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Display panel

Can you make it possible to attach a display panel to a frame and also give the option for a transparent background?
Also, how do you edit the text of the display panel from the API?
Also I can't seem to change the font size through the editor
Hi Andy, 

To change the font size it is better to export the text as HTML:
  1. Select Edit right beside the text
  2. In the Text editor, select Edit-Copy as HTML in the editor
  3. Edit the font-size parameter in points (edit the HTML text in a text editor)
  4. Select Edit-Paste as HTML in the editor.
You can also change the text using the API by setting an item parameter:
item.setValue("DisplayText", "Your Text")

It is possible to display station parameters by wrapping them in % sign, you can also display the time by typing %Time%. We'll provide more information and examples in the next few days but let us know if you are looking for something specific.

We are trying to add support for transparency (at this moment is not possible).

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