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Docker with Visual support

I'm curious if this is possible. I'm trying to test out feasibility of hosting a remote instance of RoboDK and connecting to a local app using the Python API. I'm using the robodk/robodk:latest docker image from dockerhub as my remote instance.

Everything is working so far, but I'd like to be able to see the visual update when I plan/run a path. If I was running RoboDK locally, I could either look at the RoboDK application window, or select the `Web Server View` option and see it on the local host.

Is there a way to either a) create a docker container image that has visual support (I've tried and not had much luck) or b) display the docker robodk instance in a web server view?

The only other option I see is to pipe the resulting joint positions, along with all the station information (robot files, part files, positions, etc.) back to my local app and re-create everything in a local app viewer. I do not want to do this, and don't even think it is possible, as RoboDK's robot library wouldn't be importable in another application.

Any advice?

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