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Dose RoboDk re-calculate pose after loading pose data from csv file?

Hi freinds,

Last week, I tried to load pose data from csv file to generate pose for Doosan(ZYZ Euler angle),
but I found that the ZYZ Euler angles are not correct in RodoDK, especially Y Euler angle is completely opposite.

csv pose data:                        462.78984,129.81342,295.23364,117.54977,-176.69692,-62.489272
csv pose data format:           x, y, z, rx, ry, rz
python script:                       poses.append(transl(x,y,z)*rotz(rz*pi/180)*roty(ry*pi/180)*rotz(rx*pi/180))
Pose in RodoDK:          [   462.789840,   129.813420,   295.233640,   117.510728,   176.696920,   -62.450230 ]

Thanks a lot!
The same orientation can be represented using 2 different sets of Euler angles. They should both be correct. For example, if you apply the same math to convert Euler angles to a pose, you should obtain the same pose.

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