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Drip Feed question

Hello I need help.

1. I have a situation where I have several programs combined into one main program.
    The problem is when one of them is big and drip feed has to be used.
    practically, when I generate a program, the postprocessor creates one main program that calls the others,       but  one of them is too large for the memory of the FANUC controller and they are ignored-skipped.

2.Also with dripfeed I have a problem where the post-processor repeats the same preogram name several times     without taking the sequence number into account

m_prog                                            m_prog
call prog                                         call  prog
call prog 1                                      call  prog
call prog 2.....                                 call  prog...
The Drip feeder post processor for Fanuc should allow you to send programs to your robot automatically while keeping subprograms small. You should be able to run a program of any size with an older Fanuc RJ3 controller (even if you have a 2 MB hard drive). If your program name is too long it will be shortened automatically and you'll loose the program number. You can change this variable of your post processor to allow larger program names:
Just make sure that your Fanuc controller supports longer program names.

You can find more information here:
Albert thanks.

As a supplement for each line of movement I have COORD and I found a way for that.
The problem is that the addition of COORD is not allowed on the J movement
How can I make an exception to not put the COORD addition on the J movements?
Somewhere in the postprocessor for sure, but I don't know where?

Can you hellp?

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This requires a post processor customization. It is better if you contact us by email:
(11-06-2023, 02:56 PM)Albert Wrote: This requires a post processor customization. It is better if you contact us by email:

Allready did.
Hi Albert

I sent the problem to email.
what are the next steps?

Thank you

I'm sorry for the delays. I just got back to your email with an updated version of our Fanuc post processors. You should now be able to output COORD only on linear movements. Since you have a Professional license we can continue our conversations by email and our technical team can better help you with your post processor customizations.

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