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EXE File

Hi there,

What happened with the self-extracting EXE file generation?
These new versions of Robodk doesn't support this feature anymore?
I can't find it in the FIle bar.
We removed the self-extracting EXE export option because anyone can install RoboDK and load an existing RDK project without a license, using the free version of RoboDK.

Furthermore, we just released RoboDK for Web today, which allows you to share your RoboDK project with a unique URL:

However, if you still want to use the self extracting feature you can accomplish this by following these steps:
  1. Install RoboDK version 3.5:
    (you don't need to uninstall your existing version of RoboDK, this will create the Viewer folder at the root of the RoboDK install)
  2. Without uninstalling the older version of RoboDK, install the latest version of RoboDK:
You should then see the option to create a self extracting demonstration under the File menu of RoboDK

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