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Easier way of adding targets to programs

Currently if you select 2 or more targets there's a context option to create/add to program, which is great, but there are a few other ways that would be nice to have.
  • Have the context option when only 1 target is selected.
  • Adding support for drag/drop targets to a program

Maybe a little more specific to my workflow, but if Add Move Instruction to program it automatically creates a new target. In my experience this new target is nearly always created inside the wrong frame and then I have to find it and delete it. Having Add Move Instruction create an empty move to which a target needs to be associated would be nicer.
Thank you for your feedback.

If you select a target and a program before you select the Add Move Joint instruction (or Move Linear), the movement instruction will be added inside the selected program and linked to the selected target. You may have to hold Ctrl to select multiple targets.

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