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EmbedWindow function (Not a question, a discovery)

Hello everyone, 

Recently, I was trying to embed a tkinter window into the RoboDK interface. I found this really useful python api function called EmbedWindow (

The stated options for the argument "area_add" are 1 for right, 2 for left. 

But since my tkinter window had a horizontal layout, it didn't work properly on left and right option, i tried different values for the "area_add" parameter, and I found out that area_add = 4 will dock the tkinter window on the top, and the area_add = 8 will dock the tkinter window on the bottom. 

I hope this gets included in the documentation as it will make it easier for others.

Are these types of threads allowed in this forum? Suggestions rather than questions.

Best regards, 
Thank you for your feedback! These type of threads are definitely welcome.

I'm moving this thread to the section of requests for improvements. We'll improve it in the next few days.

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