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I'm working on a school related project regarding a 6-axes robot arm in RoboDK.
Currently, i'm looking into engraving and wondering if it is possible to display a mark or line on the engraved object, after the engraving?

The setup works like this at the moment:
- Robot picks up object.
- Robot (using g-code) moves object over an external fixed engraver.
- Robot lays object on table (no mark on the object :( ).

Hope some one knows if this is possible, and maybe how to do it?

Hi Benjamin,

Yes, this is possible. You can add these 2 scripts in your project:
  • SpindleOn
  • SpindleOff 
Available in C:/RoboDK/Library/Macros

Then, just trigger a call to SpindleOn to start adding the trace and SpindleOff to stop it. You can rename them to represent the real functions required by your controller to drive the spindle.

For complex projects (for example, if you have moving coordinate systems like the one attached), you may not see a trace so you should open the SpindleOn script and specify the name of your object. You can also modify other details such as the size or color of the trace.


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