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Epson RC Postprocessor joint config question

Hello, I am using an online programming setup for an Epson VT6L and noticed that joint configurations/kinematic solutions are not consitent between the simulation/online programming/program generation when testing with epson directly. 

For starters I am testing some simple move commands with the attached RDK file, and when running the survey workspace program online, the robot will move to the correct cartesian point in 3D space but will not reorient its J5-J6 correctly? I generated a SPEL (Epson) program from that program in the workspace and executed those commands directly on the Epson which seemed to give results more consistent to the simulation using epson joint commands like this:

    Go JA(-26.565,7.220,-7.029,0.000,-90.191,-116.565)

I suspect this may be an issue with the postprocessor? I ultimately need realtime online programming to be accurate and am not sure why the joint solutions are incorrect when running online. I am using RoboDK v5.5.1. 


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.rdk   Epson_Master_Integration.rdk (Size: 711.28 KB / Downloads: 202)
This thread is out of date and incorrectly addressed that the issue was postprocessor related when it is in fact related to the (due to online programming configuration). Made an updated post here:

Thank you for clarifying. I just got back to you on your other thread.

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