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Epson VT6L Online Programming Parameters


I am using an Epson VT6L 6DOF arm and am currently configuring the controllers TCP/IP parameters using the epson proprietary controller dev software. 

Once that is completed I plan to deploy an application to the epson which was previously setup and working on a UR5 with online programming using RDK. 

I am curious if any other setup will be needed on the RDK side for connecting and running on the Epson once its network parameters are configured? I see the there is compatibility with an Epson RC driver (.py) and just want to be sure online programming will work or if any other steps are needed. 

We have a working driver for Epson RC robot controllers. Were you able to connect to the robot controller?

You simply need the IP of the robot. I believe the communication port defaults to 5000. 

You can optionally pass the TP Password in the IP field. For example, if the IP of your robot is and the TP password is Epson, you should enter the following in your IP field of your robot connection in RoboDK:

Thanks for following up!

I have been able to get TCP/IP communication established between the Epson and a host PC. This was using the Epson RC control software to configure the TCP/IP communication on the robot controller using USB interface. I then tested communications with ethernet using an offline host PC with the controller configuration which were successful.

When I pass the same parameters to the Epson using the connect online functionality in RoboDK, it tells me that the machine is actively refusing the refusing the connection. [win 10061 error]  (I have tested after completely disconnecting from the robot in the Epson RC software first)

I'm not sure which argument could be specified to the robot incorrectly. I have attached a screenshot for your reference. The robot also wasn't in any error state when attempting to connect for control.

Thanks for any help/advice.
Incase anybody may find it helpful, configuring online programming via RoboDK with an Epson VT6L requires the user to first configure the Epson controller with the Epson RC+ software into remote ethernet control mode in the configuration menu. The robot will then be able to be reached at the remote ethernet port specified in the remote ethernet configuration menu and using the network configuration (subnet mask and IP) specified in the controller configuration menu. 

This is not the same as configuring the pc-controller communication for TCP/IP and attempting to connect using PC Control configured parameters. The robot must also be set in Auto Mode for online programming to be possible. Hope this helps.

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