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Error on updating pulses per degree information (Motoman SIA10D)

We have a Motoman SIA10D robot and we are trying to conect it to RoboDK.
When we update the pulse per degree information in RoboDK by using the ALL.PRM file from the motoman controller DX100, we get an error.

"Python script failed returning 1"
[Image: SIA-10-error.png]

However when I do the same process with another Motoman Robot that we own (HP6), the ALLPRM file is successfully uploaded.

RoboDK version: v5.5.2 (64bit)
RoboDK(python): v2.7

Thank you in advance,
Best Regards,
This is probably because the SIA10D is a 7-axis robot. You may need to manually provide the pulses/degree ratio in the robot Parameters menu.

Can you provide us the ALL.PRM file? We can better look into it.
Thank you for the prompt reply,
Due to the file size (800kb) I am sending the ALL.PRM file in the following link (we transfer):

Best Regards,

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